2015 Bedroom Design Trends


It’s a new year and perhaps it’s time for a refresh in the home. As the first place we see in the morning and the last place we see at night, our bedrooms are extremely important areas of the house. They should be a safe haven where we feel calm, comfortable and relaxed. So if you’re looking to redecorate this year, take a look at the 2015 bedroom design trends below.

Retro Designs

Retro has been a growing trend in interior design, bringing back key elements from the past such as retro colour themes, 50s flooring, 70 fabric patterns or 20s art deco furniture. If you don’t have the cash to fund a full renovation, the retro look can be achieved using the simple addition of colours, patterns or decorative ornaments. 60s retro in particular has been reported as a big trend for the coming year and this can be designed using the simple application of bold colour blocking.

Mixing Textures

Another popular trend in the interior design world is the use of different materials and textures. This eclectic mix of tweeds, leathers, woods or suede helps to add more depth and interest in your room, giving it a whole new dimension. For the bedroom, try fusing together the contemporary smoothness of dark leather bed boards with some interesting textures such as wools and silks, shaggy knits or tulle.

Open Spaces & Lighting

Clutter is out and space is in. If you’re a collector of trinkets and artefacts, it’s time to clear the room. Large open space is a trend for 2015 and one of the quickest ways to create a feeling of more space (even when you don’t have it) is to use the right lighting. But to do that it’s important to first understand what you require lighting for; ambience, accent lighting or task lighting. A well-lit bedroom should be able to offer all three and a great idea is to install ceiling spotlights along with some smaller lamps or wall lights to create a more relaxed setting.

Live Plants

It’s an old wives’ tale that you shouldn’t have plants in the bedroom. In fact, plants are said to improve the energy within you home and help you feel more relaxed. They emit very tiny amounts of carbon dioxide and are the most human-friendly air filters you can have. – so they are no danger to have in the bedroom. Nature was a big trend in 2014 and in 2015 we take this up a notch by adding real live plants into our décor, not just leaf or floral prints on our curtains.

Raw Wood

Upcycled furniture has been one of the biggest furniture design trends we’ve seen in recent years – so it’s no surprise that exposed wood and raw materials are going to be such a big hit. If you’re consider yourself to be rather creative, why not build your own wooden adaptations using some old, unwanted furniture? Visit Houseandgarden.co.uk for some upcycling inspiration.

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