5 Reasons To Buy Tagine


Winter is approaching, and so the cold temperatures leave us wanting a well cooked meal that will help us recuperate and withstand the cold. And nothing can beat the smell of a stew slowly being cooked on a cold winter’s day, and the taste of the tender meat as you sit to dine. And sure, the classic beef stew will do fine. But if you feel a little adventurous these days and just don’t feel like going for the old classic beef stew cooked in your usual oven, you might want to try tagine. That way you will bring a little excitement and freshness into your everyday cooking routine.

But what is a tagine and where to get one? Some people may have heard of it, but are not quite sure. Tagine originated in North Africa, and it is a two piece, round clay pot used for slow cooking. It has a pot that is wide and shallow, and a high cone-shaped lid. So why is tagine a great choice for your cooking pleasure?


Benefits of clay pots

Clay pots are great for cooking. Clay pots are porous, so moisture and heat are circulating and are evenly spread, which is not the case with iron and enamel pots. Furthermore, clay is alkaline, and it interacts with the acidity of the food. That way food that is acidic, such as tomato sauce will become sweeter after cooking, without having to add something to sweeten it.

Moisture retaining

Tagine is great for retaining moisture. You do not need to use a lot of water while cooking, since the lid is high and cone shaped, and it fits perfectly with the pot, making the steam condense and drip back down the sides into the dish.

Variety of meals

You might have heard about the tagine stew that got its name from the pot. It is one of the most popular meals prepared in tagine pot, but you can use it to make so much more unique and exciting dishes. If you are passionate about cooking, or are just looking to add something new, a tagine would be the perfect investment.

Easy to use

Tagines are used just like French and Dutch ovens, as in you can cook on the stove or you can put them in the oven and bake. They can withstand very high temperatures and are not that complicated to maintain and wash.


Unique piece of cookware

Clay pots are really popular these days and they are beautiful to look at. They are a great decorative piece and represent a piece of culture that is distant to us. Therefore, you should cook meals that are usual for those areas, and make a themed dinner for you and your family or friends.

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Whether you are cooking or baking, every now and then you might feel the need to improve, change, or simply refresh your cooking style and recipes. For all those adventurous cooks who are not afraid to try something different, tagine pot will provide a great addition and a fruitful investment. It is durable, easily maintained and can be used in various ways for a great variety of meals and dishes.

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