Choosing a Family Friendly-Floor Plan

Choosing a Family Friendly Floor PlanDeciding to start a family is a decision that changes everything about the way a person thinks. Instead of thinking about what movie to watch after dinner, they are thinking about how they are going to get their fussy baby through bath time. One big way of thinking that changes when a person becomes a parent, though, is what they value in a home. Parents need to have a space that will be safe and functional for them to raise their child in.

There are a lot of different things that can make a home family-friendly, or difficult for raising children. Each parent will have different opinions, but for the most part there are standard rules that parents like to follow when choosing a home for their family. Every new or old family can use these ideas to help them choose a home that everyone will love. Here are some tips for choosing a family-friendly floor plan.

Opt for open

More and more families are opting for an open floor plan instead of a closed or sectioned floor plan. Open floor plans allow parents to be on the opposite side of the home or in a different space while still being able to see their children. This is a great option for entertaining as well.

Choose the safest location

Location is an important decision when choosing a floor plan. Families want to have the most convenient location for everything in their home to save hassle and avoid potential problems. For example, a family would not want to have the nursery right next to the kitchen to avoid any disruptions while the baby is sleeping.

Think about cleanliness

A clean home is very important to every family. Parents want a clean space for their children to play in to keep them safe and avoid illnesses or accidents. However, messes are very common with children. Parents can think about these issues and plan accordingly with Daybreak townhomes. For example, they can opt for faux hardwood floors that are easy to clean spills off of.

Make a simple and transitional play place

A play place is often a very loose concept in a family home. Kids will play in every area of the home, but parents might want to maintain some style and design to their floor plan. Families can create a play area in the home that can be easily transitions to accommodate for other needs. For example, parents can create an art studio for their kids that can be quickly turning into an extra dining space for guests.

Leave room to grow

More often than not, a family will buy a home before the family is done growing and expanding, so that everyone can enjoy the home for a longer period of time. Families, then, should choose floor plans that allow them to grow and expand easily. For example, a family of three might fit perfectly into a three bedroom home, but when the family expands to four or five members, the home will be too small.


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