Common Roofing Issues

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The roof of your home protects your investment, and it can be costly to replace. Consider these common issues that many homeowners face with their roof. Catching these problems early will save you money. Make sure you talk to a roofing specialist with experience to fix your roof. It’s tempting to want to save money by doing it yourself, but you can actually create more problems if it isn’t properly fixed.

Roof Leaks

Water damage is one of the most common roofing problems. There are a number of ways water gets under your roofing tiles. Many times, a leak through your ceiling may not be directly under the place where the water is getting in, so it is important to find the specialist who can help you find the right solution. Flashing, or the places where you’ve installed sky lights or chimneys, may not be adequately sealed. Moisture and leaks cause mold and mildew damage which can be hazardous if left untreated.

Ponding Water

When you have standing water on your roof, it’s known as ponding. This can happen from improper drainage from your HVAC unit or gutters that are clogged. If your roof isn’t sloped, the shingles may not have been installed correctly to maintain good drainage. Once you know the reason you have ponding water on your roof, you can find the solution.


According to Guardian Roof Systems (click here), insects and animals can do a lot of damage to your roof in just a short time. Raccoons have actually dug up shingles to try and find a way into a home. Nests built in your eaves damage the edges. Insects, such as termites or ants, can tunnel through the wood and fascia. Once wildlife gets through the roof, you’ll have even more damage in your attic from squirrels or opossums.

The Elements

Wind and rain make your roof work harder. A damaging storm like a tornado or hurricane can take your roof off, but strong winds can also remove shingles. You may not realize that the sun’s UV rays can also damage the shingles, causing them to break and crack. Asphalt shingles are especially vulnerable to this. Snow and ice do more destruction than most people realize. If the snow melts during the day, then refreezes at night, it can lift the shingles.

Lack of Maintenance

A problem can start out minor, such as a low hanging tree limb or clogged gutter. When it’s not taken care of, the damage done will be much worse. Have an annual inspection done by a professional who can tell you if there are any problems developing. You should watch for signs that your roof has been damaged, like shingles on the ground or leaks in your ceiling. Over time, the caulking around the vents and flashing dries out, allowing water to get in. A roofing company recognizes these issues and can assist you in preventing major and costly damage.

Check Your Insurance

Your insurance may not cover all types of damage to your roof. It’s important to check your homeowner’s policy to make sure you are adequately protected from the risks you face. Ensure your roof can be insured for hail and wind damage with a Windstorm Certificate that demonstrates it meets TWAI specifications.

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