How to Design a Home That is Easy to Clean

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a clean home but cleaning can be a chore. Not to mention keeping it clean, especially if you have kids or four legged friends. That’s why designing a home goes beyond establishing how many bedrooms you need or the style of architecture you prefer.

Designing a home is all about livability and thankfully there are some design choices you can make that will make cleaning the home a much easier job. We’ve gathered 10 tips from the best Melbourne builders and designers to help you create a home that allows you to spend less time cleaning bathroom grout and more time living!

  1. Consider your flooring material

Floors get dirty the fastest in the home so considering a material that is easy to clean and durable is essential. Polished concrete, hardwood flooring, stone or vinyl tiles work will in high traffic areas where you can easily sweep, mop and spot clean. Reserve carpet for bedrooms and other areas such as your snug or den where you’re likely to spend time barefoot.

  1. Create a mud room

Mud rooms are fantastic transitional zones that allow you to leave the dirt outside. Even if you don’t live on a rural property, considering creating a designated space for shoes, school bags, coats and drying off pets.

  1. Consider the location of your laundry

Rather than locate your laundry next to the garage or in the basement, find a spot that’s most convenient. This tends to be next to the family bathroom where everyone can toss their dirty clothes directly in there. Alternatively, installing a laundry chute would be a great solution.

  1. Design a kitchen hideaway

If you don’t have the luxury of a butler’s pantry, a kitchen hideaway is a place to store your everyday appliances, such as your kettle or toaster. Even if this is a small cupboard it will help keep bench tops looking clean and fresh.

  1. Consider darker grout

When tiling your bathroom or kitchen, consider a dark grout such as a grey or black. This helps reduce the appearance of grim building up. Alternatively, you could forego grout entirely in areas that are most labour intensive to clean. Concrete or glass is an option in places such as a shower or backsplash.

  1. Max out your storage

Think you have enough storage? You can never have enough, so make sure you take a second look at your plans and see where you can add more. Under the stairs, built in shelving, furniture with added storage like under a bench seat or bed.

  1. Paint with easy-to-clean products

While you may have selected a pretty wallpaper, it’s more practical to paint your walls in a washable paint. Reserve your feature wall for spaces that don’t get as much use or in the same area as little people with sticky fingers.

  1. Install a central vacuum system

A central vacuum and sweep inlets will save you time and make cleaning a breeze. No more extension cords and dust pans!

  1. Choose durable fabrics

Upholster your furniture in durable, hardwearing fabrics especially if you have kids or pets. Leather and vinyl are great options, but there are also plenty of quality fabrics that will survive life’s pressures. If you are going fabric, consider slipcovers and machine-washable materials to make cleaning a cinch.

  1. Design a smaller home

If you’re building a new home, consider how much space you really need. If you design a functional home, you may not need as much space as you once thought. A smaller foot print with well-designed spaces means less time to clean!

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