Five Essential Kitchen Improvements


In many homes the kitchen is the most important room. It is the place where meals are prepared and a quick glimpse into someone’s kitchen can reveal a lot about their lifestyle. A location for being creative, socialising and enjoying oneself, it’s vital the room is well maintained and improved when necessary.

Refurbishing your kitchen can be costly. Using savings, credit cards or a personal loan is one option but another option is a Second charge mortgagefor a kitchen from Nemo Loans to cover the expense. A Nemo loan is secured against your home so you must make sure you can afford the repayments or your property could be repossessed. When re-doing the room there are a number of areas that should be focussed on, whether you make changes in one go or bit by bit.

New Paint Job

The kitchen is the first room people walk into in some houses, so whether you want to impress guests or potential house buyers, having a presentable room is important. Painting cabinet doors is a cheap way to instantly create a smart and clean appearance. Re-painting or applying new wallpaper also forms a contemporary atmosphere in the room and shows care and appreciation for a good kitchen.

Hanging Rack

Depending on the size of your kitchen it may be necessary to save as much space as possible. If there’s little room to store all your pots and pans put up a pegboard or magnetic board to hang them on the wall. This provides easy access and adds that traditional charm by having utensils on show.

Fresh Furniture

For larger kitchens, updated furniture instantly provides a fashionable feel to the place. Where there is space to sit and eat at one of the counters, bringing in some high stools or chairs that suit the environment gives a sense of practical purpose as well. Empty space doesn’t necessarily look appealing so consider strategically showcasing it with a table or cabinet.

Improved Lighting

Natural lighting is best in any kitchen but for many flats this isn’t always achievable. For those who regularly eat in the room, add lanterns or lamps to make it more atmospheric so you don’t feel like you’re eating in the work canteen all the time.

Eclectic Shelves

Shelves are useful for storing everything from spices to cookbooks and can be practical yet stylish in your kitchen. Hanging shelves can be moved around if you have a change of layout while a range of quirkily designed ones will add a unique touch to your home. Expensive yet fashionable ones will suit extravagant kitchens, though DIY ones provide their own charm.

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