Helpful Hints For Choosing Bathroom Fixtures


A few decades ago, it was a lot easier to make decisions about the bathroom fixtures that would work best in your home.  There was less choice compared to nowadays.  Although the wide variety of fixtures and fixings gives you more room for creativity and individuality; the downside is that having so many options to choose from can make the whole process overwhelming.  If you are finding the prospect of choosing items for your renovated bathroom daunting, the following brief guide is full of handy tips for people in your situation.

Remember – Fixtures Should Match The Rest Of The Bathroom Décor

The last thing you want to do is have a pristine and classy looking bathroom that is ruined by badly chosen accessories and fixtures.  From the bathroom faucet to the mirror above your sink – everything should match and look like it belongs.  For a minimalist and modern home and bathroom, you need fixtures that are simplistic and clean looking; while a more traditionally decorated home would suit more ornate and opulent fixtures.

Work Out Your Budget

It is vital that before you get caught up in choosing all of the fanciest fixtures, you need to decide upon the budget you have to spend.  Once you know roughly how much you have to spend, you need to then look at what you need and your options to see if your budget will get you want and need.  Although it may be hard, the one mistake many people make is not sticking to the budget they set, which can mean their overall spending gets out of control.

Consider Your Family Member’s Lifestyles

When choosing how best to kit out your bathroom you need to consider your family member’s lifestyles.  If you have a large family with lots of children using the bathroom a lot, you may want to invest in a touch-less faucet.  As well as saving you money on your water bills, they will also help you to keep your bathroom hygienic and free of germs.

Exposed Copper Piping

Although the tendency that most people have is to box in or cover over the copper piping in their bathroom, by leaving these exposed you can give your bathroom extra character.  In order to help that stand out even more, it is best to choose darker wall colours.


Depending on your bathroom’s planned or current décor, traditional fixture pieces may be  the best option.  These are normally very ornate and often feature complex and detailed designs with very curved lines.


Unlike traditional fixtures, contemporary bathroom fixtures, like those from PlumbTile,  tend to be simplistic in design and are very minimalistic.  Usually, anything that is not completely necessary or functional is not included.

Side Installation

Rather than having faucets in a central position on your sink, you could try a more interesting positioning and install them to the side.  Not only will it give you extra space in the sink, but it will give anyone visiting something to talk about.

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