How Installing High Speed Internet Can Increase Your Home’s Value


The 2015 report by the National Association of Realtors on home values was good news for home owners. The report showed that home prices had increased by 8.2% in the second quarter of 2015 as compared to figures in 2014.

If you’d purchased a home with the hope of selling it later, you ought to be doing all that you can to further increase its value and capitalize on the current improvements in the real estate market. One way of doing this is by installing high-speed fiber internet.

According to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Colorado, high speed internet has become a must-have in home shopper lists. Simply installing high-speed fiber optic internet can result in an increase in the value of your home by anything between $5000 and $175,000.

Installing high speed internet will not only benefit you by providing you with high speed access to information, but will also provide you with greater return upon selling your home.

How to get fiber optic internet

Fiber optic internet offers you high speed internet at affordable prices.

Check availability

Check for the availability of fiber optic internet service providers in your area. Although the availability of Fiber optic internet is growing rapidly, it is not yet available to all parts of the US. Check to see what internet service providers are available in your area e.g. CenturyLink in Perkin IL.

Compare different service providers

If you have more than one choice for internet service providers in your area, compare the services providers on a price comparison website. These websites give you a breakdown of the features of the different services and allows you to compare them side by side. This allows quick comparison.

You may also want to read reviews by customers to find out what others have to say about the service providers you’re considering.

You will also need to visit the websites of the individual internet service providers to get more details about the specific packages they offer. Compare features such as upload and download speeds, terms of service, cost, contract length and special features or add-ons.

Study the contract

Study the contract before signing up for the service. How long is the contract for? What will happen in case you fail to make a payment? What are the terms and conditions for terminating services mid-contract? Are there fees and fines to be paid?

Be sure to study the fine print of the contract. Many people often find themselves paying dearly for having not paid attention to one or two details outlined in their contracts.

Book an installation appointment

If you’ve found a service provider that suits your needs, contact them and set up a date for the installation. Ensure that you have discussed your needs for access and devices with the service provider for better installation.

Be sure to include the fact that your house has high speed fiber optic internet when advertising for a buyer. This could mean the difference between the buyer going for another similar home to  yours.

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