Some Important Carpet Cleaning Tips




There are some great tips to help clean your carpet with out too much hassle or fuss. We all have to deal with an unclean carpet now and again and it can be a daunting task especially when you are paid a lot of money for the carpet and don’t want to further damage it.

All carpets no matter the stain need some attention now and again. It’s always good to give them a regular clean to prolong the life of the carpet. The problem is many individuals are put off by the idea of actually doing the cleaning mainly due to not knowing the best techniques and also the thought of having to rearrange furniture in order to get at the stain.

Use Salt for Carpet Cleaning

Perhaps you have never heard of this technique, but give it a try. Use a little salt to help remove carpet dirt. Salt helps to soak the stain therefore helping to remove it from your beloved carpet.

Use a Carpet Cleaning Powder

Baking soda works remarkably well for removing stains and dirt from your carpet. It can be the one thing that changes your carpet cleaning regime due to it’s efficacy.

It’s very easy and straight forward to do: take the powder and spread over the troublesome area, then leave for as long as possible, before using a hoover to suck up the absorbed powder. This can work wonders when done properly!

Top Tip – leave the powder down over the course of the night. This will give the powder plenty of time to work on the stain.

Use a Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

Like baking soda (powder) there are also many good carpet cleaning shampoos you can use to clean your carpet. Each shampoo will have it’s own directions which you must follow to get the most out of that product.

Make sure you dilute the liquid as directed and then apply thoroughly to the stain and then leave for the directed amount of time to get the best results. Be sure to absorb or hoover the substance back up if it is necessary.

Top Tip – when applying the solution make sure to take the time to work it into the carpet. The better you do this the better the results will be.

The Most Important Carpet Cleaning Factor

There are a few important things to keep in mind when doing you cleaning. There are the obvious ones i.e. follow product directions exactly as stated, make sure to work product in, leave for enough time to be effective etc. However one of the things that gets neglected is cleaning at regular intervals.

Schedule to do a full carpet clean at least twice per year. Don’t just wait for stains to appear to instigate the clean. Instead value your carpet and give it what it deserves.

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