Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh


There is nothing quite like the smell of a new truck when you drive it off the lot. Unfortunately, that smell doesn’t last forever and fades quickly once life happens in your car. Have no fear, there are many ways that you can combat having a smelly car. You can learn about even more ways to keep your car in the best condition possible at

You can find a ton of air fresheners designed specifically for cars in the automotive section of your grocery store or local discount store. These products come in a range of scents from coconut to pine trees, fresh cotton to apple orchards and even new car smell that doesn’t smell a whole lot like your new car once smelt. These products can come in the form of scented trees you hang from your rearview mirror, sticks that you insert into your air conditioning vents, gel pods that you place under your seats and more.

If you aren’t a fan of artificial scents, consider using an essential oil blend in your car to keep it smelling fresh. You can apply the oil of your choice in a few different ways. You can hang some type of decor made of absorbent material from your rearview mirror that has been soaked in oil. You can also mix the oil of your choice with baking soda before placing the mixture in a shallow dish in an inconspicuous place in your vehicle. The mixture will work double time by absorbing unsavory scents with the baking soda and by introducing better smells in your car via the oil.

You should also work hard to keep your car clean which will go a long way in making it smell nice. Removing any food wrappers or stinky clothing from your car promptly will help reduce the occurrence of nasty odors in your car. You can also use a small trash can to keep garbage and waste in one central place for removal as soon as you get home. Consider regularly conditioning your seats and vacuuming your carpets to prevent stale smells from taking hold in the vehicle.

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