How to Keep Your Home Safe Over Winter


Even if winter is one of your favourite times of year, there is no getting away from the fact that it can a tough few months for your home.

If you want to keep your house safe and secure over the winter months then here are a few simple tips you should be following.

Get the Pipes Ready

If you have ever suffered frozen or burst pipes at home then you already know the hassle, misery and expense this can bring. To stop them from freezing over it is a good idea to get them insulated by wrapping them with special material. There are different types of insulating material available, such as fibreglass and foam rubber options. The pipes in your attic are probably most at risk and should be seen as your highest priority.

Check Your Home Security System (Or Get One)

With the long, dark nights offering cover for thieves it is no surprise to see that winter is a dangerous time of year for your home. A home security system will make you sleep more soundly at night, provided that you have it checked out and make sure that it is in perfect working order. Modern systems also offer additional protection with the likes of thermostat control and smoke detectors. In some cases you can even use a mobile app to monitor and control your home´s safety from wherever you are.

Keep Your Drive and Paths Clear

While shovelling snow off your drive and paths is a good idea, it is even better to stop it building up in the first place. When the temperature starts to plunge or a storm is forecast you can put some form of de-icing agent down. This will save you a lot of hassle later on and keep the entrance to your home safe for all the family as they enter and leave the house during the coldest days of the year.

Keep the Roof Clear of Ice and Snow

It is all very well clearing your driveway or path to the house but what about the build up of now on the roof? This can actually turn out to be very dangerous, especially if an ice dam occurs. This is when the snow up on the roof melts and then freezes up again. This can cause water to build up on the roof behind a barrier of ice, causing serious problems in the future if it leaks through or damages the tiles.

Look After Your Plants, Flowers and Trees

If you are a keen gardener then it can be heart breaking to see your lovely plants, flowers and trees get ruined by the cold weather every year. It can also be expensive to have to replace all of your plants every single spring. To try and keep them safe during the coldest months you should look to cover them with special protectors. You could also try protecting them with bark or mulch, or simply covering them with blankets or tarpaulin covers.

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