Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

For many years, kitchen design has tended to work on a “set and forget” basis, which is completely understandable given the nature of kitchens. Over recent years, however, people have become more aware that it’s actually perfectly possible to give kitchens regular updates without changing out major investment pieces such as cabinetry and appliances and hence without breaking the bank.

With that in mind, here are five tips on the top trends for 2019 and some ideas on how you can integrate them into your home.

Concealed storage

Concealed storage is officially back for 2019, although we suspect many homeowners will take the view that it never really went away, especially not in smaller homes where visual clutter can turn a space from cosy to cramped. That’s good news for those who already had closed cabinets installed but those who have open shelving and are wishing they didn’t can get around the problem by investing in attractive containers and using them to hold less attractive items while more attractive ones can be left on view. Alternatively, you could put a spin on the concept of concealed storage by putting attractive items to the front of your shelves and less attractive ones at the back.

Matte metals

Metals and metallics have long been a feature of interior design, especially in fitted kitchens and bathrooms, but up until now the emphasis has been on shiny metals, especially chrome or even silver or gold (albeit generally by means of plating, since the pure form would be impractical as well as expensive). While shiny metals do, obviously, have their place in the world, they do tend to be attention-grabbing and they also tend to scratch, which is particularly unfortunate since these scratches are often very visible due to the contrast they make with the surface metal. Because of this, it’s entirely understandable that interior designers are now increasingly moving towards matte metals, especially pewter and gunmetal, particularly for kitchens.

Leather and wood fittings on cabinets and drawers

Updating the fittings on cabinets and drawers may be the most well-known budget-update trick in the book and there’s a very simple reason for this – it works. It is a beautifully simple and cost-effective way to bring your kitchen in line with current trends so that it has a fresh feel.

For 2019 leather and/or wood fittings are the major trend and if you’re not ready (or willing) to invest in a whole new set of fittings for your kitchen, you can still make a style statement by switching out a few of them, say, on every other cabinet or on a specific drawer unit.

Playing with texture

While hygiene always has to be the top priority in a kitchen, hence the preference for flat surfaces which are easy to clean, you can still have fun playing with texture in other ways. For example, you can add a rug to your floor (make sure it’s laid securely so it stays in place), choose curtains which a pattern which implies texture and/or introduce plants (even faux ones).

Black and blue

The all-white kitchen is now, officially, a thing of the past. While it can still make sense to use white for major pieces such as cabinets and appliances, if you want an “on-trend” kitchen, make sure that there are at least pops of colour and/or black.

Custom Neon Sign

You’ve read that right. Before, you only see them in shops or at events, but custom neon signs are quickly becoming a popular home decor nowadays. These colorful LED signs are eco-friendly and they do not require a lot of energy. It’s also safe for kids. Make your bedroom, living room, or kitchen colorful and stylish with custom-made neon signs!

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