How to Make Your Home More Secure


A Guide to Staying One Step Ahead of the Thieves

With burglary on the rise, how secure is your home and property? Follow these simple tips to avoid disaster.

A sad fact of life is that crime will never be eradicated. Whenever you have something of value, there will always be those whose business it is to try and steal it, whether it is your car, the property from your home or your online data.

A common factor across all these areas is that as quickly as we come up with new ways of protecting our property, the thieves are only one step behind us in working out how to circumvent these safeguards.

The pattern is most obvious in the world of cybercrime, where we are constantly advised to update our firewalls and change our passwords. It is also seen in vehicle security – the latest trackers can power off the car engine remotely and tell police where the vehicle is located, but these will not bring car crime to an end.

The most personal type of crime, however, has to be domestic burglary. The feeling of violation when someone has entered your property and been through your personal belongings is impossible to describe unless you have experienced it yourself. There are a variety of ways to protect yourself including CCTV installation and other ways, that will serve both to reduce the likelihood of a break in and to improve your chances of bringing the perpetrators to justice if the worst should happen. Let’s take a look.

Maintain your boundaries

Thieves look for soft targets. If your home is protected by high fences and securely locked gates, it becomes a major exercise in ingenuity just to enter the garden, never mind the house itself, and the criminals will walk on by.

An eight foot fence with anti climb spikes might not be practical for everyone, but a simple trellis can act as an excellent deterrent, and even as a burglar alarm. Anyone attempting to climb over will inevitably cause it to break, resulting enough noise and disturbance to wake half the neighbourhood.

Invest in CCTV

There are a whole variety of CCTV systems available today, and any one of them will reduce the chance of a break in, and provide excellent information for the police in the event that you get uninvited visitors.

The mere sight of CCTV cameras is usually enough to convince undesirables to stay well out of the way. The cameras will also go down well with your home insurance company, resulting in a reduced premium, so will soon pay for themselves.

Sight and sound

Thieves like to work silently and under the cover of darkness. Anything you can do to make this awkward for them will make your home more secure. Lighting is an obvious tool, particularly those lights that are activated by movement sensors. Not only are they a good intruder deterrent, they are also a Godsend when fumbling around for your keys after a night out.

The other useful tool is gravel. You might wonder how this helps deter burglars, but if you have ever tried to walk quietly down a gravel path or drive, you will get the idea. A simple, but unobtrusive way of getting an early warning when someone approaches!

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