Make Your Pond Attractive to Wildlife

A pond is always a great addition to any garden, and one that adds a natural feel. You can use a water feature such as this to enhance an otherwise bland space, and a pond will give your garden that rustic and natural look you have always wished for. If you are landscaping, it is best to plan where your pond is going to be placed; make sure that there is some shade involved and that the pond is not always in direct sunlight, and be aware of trees close by that can be a source of debris in the water.

In nature, a pond will be fed by a stream or river, which provided movement that keeps the right amount of air present in the water. Also, ponds with moving water are often kept clean, and nature does this by allowing helpful bacteria to devour the debris that inevitably collects in the pond. Your pond, of course, will not be fed by a natural stream, but that does not mean you cannot keep it clear and healthy so that fish, plants and wildlife can enjoy it. What you need is a pond filter and pond pump. We’re here to tell you a little more about pond filters, what they do, and why you need one.

What Are Pond Filters?

It is important when choosing the right pond filters for your installation that you understand what they are all about. Let us explain: there are various types of pond pumps and filters, so we will help you try and find which one is best for you.

To begin with, let’s consider the pump: this is the device that will send your pond water, in a continuing cycle, to the filter; it’s a relatively simple device, and comes in various forms. Most pumps are of the submersible kind; you put them in the water and connect them to a filter, which then does the job of cleaning the water.

As the water passes through the filter, by way of hoses between it and the pump, it goes through a series of processes. It will be subject to UV light treatment, which kills the inevitable green algae. It will also be sent through a biological filter, which draws out the bad bacteria that builds up in the water, and it will also collect the inevitable debris that is in the water.

Why You Need a Filter

If you want fish, you need a filter; this is because they need clean, healthy water without the damaging bacteria that will build up in non-filtered ponds. Also, you want clear water, so you can see your fish and plants readily.

Pond filters are not expensive, and should be considered – along with the pump – as part of the design of the pond. You can choose from internal or external filters, depending on your size and type of pool, so check out more about pumps and filters on the website, and see how you can have the perfect pond at little cost.

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