Make the Right Decisions When Re-decorating Your Kid´s Bedroom


Are you dreading the thought of re-decorating a kid´s bedroom? This is the kind of thing that can cause a lot of problems if you don´t handle it correctly.

If you want to give them a great room and are keen to avoid and hassles then the following steps will help you out.

Take Their Opinion Into Account

It is amazing how many parents try to completely ignore their children´s ideas when re-decorating their bedroom. If you attempt to impose your own tastes on them then you are going to turn them against you right from the start. Instead, you should take their interests and ideas into account. For example, if they suggest a wall colour that you consider inappropriate then you could come up with a compromise that lets them use a little bit of that colour on one part of the wall. It is a good thing that they are interested enough to give you their opinion, so don´t rule out any of their ideas without talking them over. Maybe you could even look at some interior design magazines or websites together. If you like their ideas then perhaps they could help you with sorting out the rest of the home as well.

Add Plenty of Storage Space

One of the big complaints many parents have about their children´s rooms is that they never tidy up. The problem in some cases could be that there simply isn´t enough storage space for everything they own. When you are planning a makeover for their room you should make sure that adding extra storage space is near the top of your list of priorities. Extra storage space can be added in a number of ways, from big bookcases to under bed storage and lots of shelves. The more storage space you add the less mess you can expect them to cause in there.

Make It Light and Spacious

You will feel a lot happier about the youngster being in their room for long spells if it is a light and spacious room. By using light colours, letting natural light enter and keeping a central area free of furniture you can give them a great bedroom that it feels good to be in. This could even help them to stay in a better mood when they are starting to feel a bit down. It also means that it is a more presentable place for them to take their friends back to as well.

Make It Easy to Clean

No matter how hard you try, there is almost certainly going to be a few times when you despair at the disastrous state their bedroom is in. There must be very few youngsters in the world who keep their room tidy at all times. This means that the best approach you can take is to make it as easy to clean as possible. For instance, wooden or vinyl flooring is the best idea for the floor, as it is simple to clean and safe to play on as well.

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