How to Measure Your Stairs for Carpet Without the Math Olympics (H1)




If you recently decided to renovate your house, one of the most challenging but rewarding projects to do is, replace your carpeting with something new. This usually involves measuring all the rooms and areas you intend to install carpeting in, but things can quickly get tricky if your house also has a set of stairs.


Fortunately, Measuring stairs for carpet doesn’t need to turn into a challenging game of math Olympics, you’ll just need a measuring tape and a few hours of your time.


Simply follow these simple steps below to measure your stairs like a pro. Or if you’re not up for it, have a professional company such as – flooring experts come round and do it for you, it’s normally free!


Start at the Top


To get started, you’ll need a measuring tape, a piece of paper and something to write with. Next…


While standing at the top of the ‘rise’, use the measuring tape to ‘hook’ onto the bottom lip of the step, if you’re doing this by yourself. Record this number on a small piece of paper, but make sure you don’t lose it! You’ll need this paper to add up all of the measurements.


Measure the Back of the Step


Next, you need to measure the backing of the stairs. To do this, just start from the joint of where the step meets the back of the step, and measure from the joint to the lip of the new stair above it. Write this number down on the same piece of paper from earlier.


It’s Just Simple Addition


Now, take your two recorded measurements, and add about 2-3 extra inches to make room for any unique curvatures of your steps and the carpet padding.


Next, multiply the number of the steps you have to the total measurement. If you don’t have any extra steps or steps that are different measurements from the others, you just need to measure the width of the stairs next. Skip the next step.


Measure Additional Stairs That Are Custom Shaped


For those that do have extra odd shaped steps, measure any extra stairs that don’t fit the same measurements of the others. Write these numbers down as well.



Get the Width of the Stairs


Next, find and measure the widest step of the staircase and then add 2-3 extra inches to the measurement. When you pick up your carpet, you’ll cut the carpet to width, but it can be overwhelming to work with the extra material when it’s in the way. It’s better to have ‘some’ extra to work with, but not a huge roll that you have to muscle around in order to get it to do what you want.





Measuring carpet for your stairs don’t have to be tricky or involve brushing up on algebra. Simply follow the above steps and head to your carpet store with your measurements in hand, and you’re ready to go.


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