How to Pick the Perfect Painting for your Living Room



Picking the perfect painting can make or break your living room. After all, this social area can be one of the most used rooms, so its visual aesthetic is important to building harmony in your home. Finding a beautiful piece that will bring the room together can be exciting – but it’s no easy feat.

Let’s dive into the steps you need to consider to pick the perfect painting for your living room.

Measure the space

A big mistake by non-interior designers is to not base decisions on painting sizes. There is nothing more disappointing than buying the perfect painting, and then realizing that it’s too large or small for the area. When a piece of art is too large, it’s aesthetically overwhelming to the viewer and can impact the impression of space and size of a room. On the other hand, when a painting is too small, it can be overshadowed by other elements or look out of proportion.

measure the space

Choose paintings that fit a particular space. If the painting is large, it’s better to hang it alone and provide it enough margins. Smaller pieces should be hung in groups. Also consider the items around the painting: art should not exceed the length of furniture around it.


The classic singular frame is always a great choice for filling an empty wall. However, a more elaborate combination of canvases can form a unique shape that brings elegance and interest to a space. A canvas print split into 5 separate parts in different sizes (like the stunning example below) can transform a room and create an almost window-like landscape to enjoy.  Of course, there are a variety of combinations, pieces and designs that work well together.



Paintings need to be displayed with pride – always drawing attention to visitors. Arrange lighting in a living room in a way that ensures that paintings are illuminated. You can also add new lighting spots to highlight the paintings.

When choosing lighting, you need to consider the type of painting as well. Oil paintings can look shadowy under an intense spotlight, so you should use broad lighting for them. Reflection and glare can also cause issues depending on the paint or fabric used. To fix this, use a non-reflecting glass frame or buy non-reflecting canvas prints.

Visual Balance

visual balance

Achieving visual balance in a living room is key to creating an inviting and interesting room. Without visual balance, the room can feel uncomfortable and aesthetically displeasing. Paintings need to have the right scale and work harmoniously with other features in the room.

Blending well with the tones of wall colors is a must to create an attractive space. Additionally, a painting with colors repeated across highlights in the living room will create a visual balance.  Large paintings can also provide a focal point to the living room, and other furnishings can be arranged around it.

Consider cost

The majority of us can’t afford a Picasso but there are more than enough beautiful paintings, prints and canvases that we can pick for our living room. Before making any decision on a painting, take into account your budget and how much you can allocate into this new décor. Affordable options are not necessarily lower quality – they may be created by lesser-known artists or be fairly priced.

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