Why You Should Plan an Epic RV Cross-Country Road Trip

Many people dream about driving cross-country, but they never do. Why? Some people get overwhelmed just thinking about the distance and the planning, but these people are making a huge mistake.

Taking an epic cross-country road trip across North America is one of the greatest adventures you will ever have. You will be able to put a big fat check on that bucket list item and proudly announce that you know why America is beautiful.

The Great American road trip is a vacation unlike any other and one you need to start planning today.

  1. It is a rite of passage.

Traveling cross country in your RV is the opportunity of a lifetime. For many, it is even a rite of passage. The trip is massive if you count the miles and you will have to do some hefty planning. But, then again, this announces to the world that you have got what it takes. You are capable. You don’t need a plane. You don’t even need a hotel if you have an RV.

  1. You need to see the country.

Too many people spend their lives in their little corner of the world without venturing beyond their borders. Even worse, many people do not leave their little corner of the country. America’s vast landscape is beautiful with amazing scenery and historical monuments. If that doesn’t sound appealing, a road trip is also the perfect time to visit quirky tourist attractions like the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. Plus, having an RV toilet allows to make pitstops anywhere, so you can journey from one landmark to the next with ease.

  1. You will be able to think without all the noise.

One of the best reasons to take a cross-country road trip is to get away from all the noise. Road trips offer peace and quiet away from the commotion and driving through various landscapes will be refreshing. Since most Americans are working more than 40 hours a week, they need a true vacation. The many hours you will spend on the road will be spent taking in beautiful sites rather than sitting in front of a computer.

  1. The food, the food, the food.

Do we even need to explain that a major perk of driving cross-country is eating food that you would not normally get to enjoy? You will get to see the difference between culinary styles in various parts of the country – and you may be surprised by what you like and don’t like.

  1. You’ll meet new people.

Traveling cross-country presents opportunities to meet new people and understand what life is like for people in different parts of the country. You will appreciate the cultural melting pot in a new way. Pull out the RV patio mats and invite new friends to join you for dinner.

If you want to take a trip you will remember forever, plan a trip from sea to shining sea. Your grand road adventure is as easy as putting the RV into drive.

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