Planning an Outdoor Event at Your Home

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Outdoor events are ideal when the warmer weather hits, whether you’re planning a party, barbecue or wedding. Your backyard makes a perfect outdoor venue because you can control all the elements, from food prep and serving to decorations to activities. Planning such an event takes preparation and planning, not only for food and set-up, but also for portable sanitation.

Reasons for Portable Sanitation

Hosting an event at your home that involves a lot of guests can tax your home’s resources in ways you never thought possible. Particularly when it comes to your bathrooms, you don’t want a lot of guests using the toilets for two reasons. One, you don’t want to have to deal with the mess of providing toilet access to, say, 50 people at an event at your home. They’ll be traipsing in and out of your home, possibly carrying with them dirt and mud on their shoes. You have to provide enough toilet paper, soap and towels for everyone to use. Secondly, of particular concern to homes with septic tanks, the additional output and stress on your system that this many guests will impose is simply not worth it.

Determine Usage

When planning how many portable sanitation units you need, you’ll need to first determine how many guests will be coming. Each unit can accommodate about 200 uses with four hours between uses before service is necessary. If you have 60 people at your backyard event, it’s recommended to have at least two portable toilets on site. If your event goes longer than four hours, say it lasts six hours, you will need to add one more.

Consider Your Guests

The type of guests you have coming will determine the kind and amount of portable sanitation units you need. For instance, if this is a kids’ birthday party, you’ll need stations with diaper changing areas and child-sized toilet seats; while if you have a lot of seniors or those with disabilities coming, be sure to rent wheel chair accessible units, suggests Portable Sanitation Association International.

Consider the Event

If you are holding a wedding, consider a deluxe unit featuring interior lighting, fresh water sink, flushing toilet, and vanity mirror stocked with plenty of toilet paper, hand soap and towels. For a barbecue where lots of eating and drinking will be taking place, you may want to add more units or consider a urinal-type unit than can accommodate increased use. This option is also popular for larger events where expected usage will be high, especially in summer when temps are hot and people tend to drink lots more.

Consider Placement

Where you place your portable sanitation units can make all the difference. You want them far enough out of the way so that guests don’t see them during the party but you don’t want them so far away that guests have to navigate a long way to find them. At longer, larger events, the units will have to be strategically placed in flat spots where trucks can easily get to them for regular servicing. Planning your outdoor event is easier than you thought when you have a portable sanitation plan in place ahead of time.

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