Rustic Bathroom Décor Ideas


If you’re in love with the countryside and the beauty of simple décor, then a vintage and rustic style is perfect for you. While it might be easy to decorate your hallway or your living room this way, when it comes to the bathroom, it gets a bit trickier. Most of us have small bathrooms which is why we have to rely on accessories and details so much. For those of you in love with rustic décor, we give you a list of easy design ideas for your bathroom.

Rustic cabinets

A solution that’s not only convenient, but can also be artistic and elegant is to hang a small cabinet on your bathroom wall. It’s great for storage, but if you manage to find the right one, you can also decorate your bathroom with a perfect rustic piece. You can build your own cabinet using an antique battered window.  Simply by repurposing an old window you can make a nice cabinet with plenty of storage space, which will also make it easier for you to clear the clutter from the countertop. Mind the location though; if you hang it above the toilet you should be careful not to drop things and risk them landing in the toilet bowl.

Handsome storage baskets

As necessary baskets are in bathrooms, they are ridiculously expensive at the same time. Unless you want to spend a small fortune on getting charming little rustic bathroom baskets, you could make your own using old cardboard boxes, some rope, and a hot glue gun. You can also use twine if you prefer it to rope, but the principle stays the same. Cut the flaps off the box and start wrapping it with jute from the bottom until you reach the top. You can also use an old pillowcase for lining, or you can sew it yourself out of old shirts or some inexpensive material such as muslin.

Mason jars to the rescue

There is something about mason jars that makes them so appealing for everyone: they are simple, yet incredibly versatile and can be transformed into the most elegant or rustic pieces of décor ever to be seen with just a bit of imagination. You can keep them clean or paint them if you want, but no matter what, they will give your bathroom that rustic charm. Use hose clamps to attach them to a piece of wood and create a mason jar holder, or simply leave them on your counter and use them to keep your makeup or toothbrushes organized.

Wooden crate shelves

If there’s one thing all of us want in our bathrooms, it’s more space, or at least more storage space. A simple way to get it and to give your bathroom some of that rustic air is to use wooden crates to build your own shelves. Not only is wood perfectly rustic, but you can also paint it any colour you want so that it fits better into your existing bathroom palette. You can use it to store extra towels, much-needed rolls of toilet paper, and boxes of cleaning supplies within reach.

Her majesty the tub

A standard white tub can be rather boring, but you can make it more visually appealing if you use airstone to cover it up. It looks like a real stone, but it’s actually very light and easy to apply, so you will end up with a real-looking rustic stone bathtub. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a combination of modern and rustic, ACS Designer Bathrooms offer freestanding stone baths which are simple, but luxurious enough to be seen as bathroom centerpieces. If you have a shower, there is not much you can do to change it, but you can always choose to have a nice bath mat – the ones made of pebbles or real moss are particularly eye-catching.

The simplest way to bring the rustic into your bathroom is to focus on natural materials and keep things simple. Laid-back country comfort is easily achieved if you add a few carefully selected details to your modern bathroom. In the blink of an eye, you will create a warm and inviting space what will mesmerize your family and your guests alike.

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