Why Seattle is a Great Place to Live


Seattle is one of the premier cities to live in America with a rich history, vibrant culture and delicious food. One of America’s booming metropolises, there are many great reasons to move to the Emerald City.

Stunning Views

Flying into Seattle/Tacoma international airport south of Seattle, chances are your descent path will take you over downtown Seattle and the view is otherworldly. From the majestic mountains cradling the city to the jewel that is the Puget Sound and surrounding lakes like Lake Washington and Lake Union, you might just gasp in your seat as you are awed by the incredible beauty as you land. Drive for thirty minutes and you can be surrounded by rugged peaks and old growth forests with brilliant blue alpine lakes and only the sound of the wind and water to keep you company. The views from Seattle are phenomenal on a clear day but the best part is that to reach that nature is, in some cases, only a lazy Sunday afternoon drive.


Seattle has the nation’s largest ferry system. Seattle is on the Puget Sound and many people commute into the city by ferry from some of the many islands, including Whidbey Island, one of the longest islands in all of the country. Ferries range in size from passenger only ferry commutes that take 15 minutes to hour plus long commutes with 400 cars and multiple levels to explore. Commuting by ferry in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound region is enjoyable and relaxing and is as easy and convenient as catching a bus.

Alt Culture

Seattle has a reputation as being one of America’s most liberal cities, but no worries if you are conservative as the cities to the east of Seattle, the Eastside, are for you. Regardless of where your beliefs lie on the political spectrum Seattle is a very diverse and interesting city. Anyone is welcome. From hipsters to tech workers, dog lovers to cat lovers, music lovers to birders, every day in Seattle offers new people to see and meet. Move to Seattle to expand your mind and meet a very diverse crowd of people.


A very underrated aspect of Seattle is its delicious food. Check of famous Pike Place Market to eat some of the freshest seafood imaginable. A native American delicacy is cedar smoked salmon, so flavorful, so delicious. Tom Douglas is a well known chef who uses locally sourced ingredient in his restaurants. Seattleites love their sweets and boutique cupcake and ice cream eateries dot the city, making them almost as ubiquitous and Starbucks, almost.


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