The Pros and Cons of Built-In Baths


Before you start your bathroom remodel, you need to ask yourself whether you’d prefer either a built-in or a freestanding bath. Freestanding models are becoming more popular, but it’s still well worth considering if an in-built bath would better suit your needs.

Built-In Bath Benefits

  • Lower Cost: Probably the most persuasive argument in favour of built-in bathtubs is that they’re a lot less expensive than their freestanding alternatives. Fixtures and fittings also tend to be considerably cheaper. If you’re on a budget, then be sure to pick up a quality built-in bathtub rather than opting for the cheapest freestanding model.
  • Greater Convenience: Built-in baths are simply more practical than freestanding ones. Since everything is closed off underneath, they’re much easier and faster to clean, shampoos and bathing supplies can be kept on the side, and built-in baths are much easier to combine with a shower.
  • Space Saving: Since in-built bathtubs are fixed flush with the wall, they don’t dominate the room in the same way a freestanding bath would. Less space is used around them, and they can be relatively tucked away – perfect for a small bathroom.

Built-In Bath Drawbacks

  • Decreased Flexibility: Of course, the fact that in-built baths need to be set against the wall – usually in the corner – means that you won’t have much choice when it comes to placement. Most bathrooms only have one or two places for them to be fitted, so it will be extremely hard to make them the centrepiece of your bathroom.
  • Tricky Installation: While built-in bathtubs are more practical overall, they’re still relatively difficult to install. Sealing, mounting, and usually the creation of a surround will need to be taken care of.
  • Appearance: Though some people prefer the look of built-in bathtubs, it’s hard to deny that freestanding models are generally perceived as more aesthetically pleasing. If you really want your bathroom to really stand out, then a built-in bathtub may not be the way to go.

Ultimately, this is a decision which will depend upon your own desires and requirements. If you just want something functional, then a built-in bathtub is probably going to work wonders, but those after a jaw-dropping design might just find them a little restrictive.

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