Thoughtful and Beautiful Sympathy Gift Baskets

Choosing a gift to send in memoriam of a deceased love one is never easy, especially if the direction is for no flowers. Even if flowers are accepted, you might want to do something different, something that will perhaps be remembered more readily by those you love and care about.

To help you, we have put together a collection of ideas that should inspire you and point you in the right direction, so let’s have a look at our alternative sympathy gift suggestions, but before we do, an important suggestion:

Check for ‘In Lieu’

Before buying anything check the invitation or notice for a message. If there is a ‘no flowers’ instruction, you may find that there is a suggestion as to what you can do, which may include charitable donations. This does not preclude you buying a present, however, so here’s a few ideas.

Plant a Tree – a young sapling or shrub will grow into a lasting memorial to your friend or loved one, and makes for an excellent choice of gift if you are stuck for ideas. Find a place in your garden, or in a family spot, where you can plant the tree in memory of them, and enjoy watching it grow. You could perhaps choose a favourite of theirs, and there are many possible options.

Gift Baskets – one wonderful idea you can look at is that of sympathy baskets as they are always a welcome gift. Carefully constructed and including a variety of excellent gifts, there are many different baskets to choose from and you can select your own ingredients, and they are not expensive at all. This makes a very nice alternative to the usual, so is worth checking out.

Book of Letters – this very neat and creative idea involves getting as many people as possible to write short letters about or in remembrance of the deceased, and it can be done by young and old alike for great effect. It’s a lovely way of making sure your thoughts, and those of others, are preserved for the future, and makes an excellent gift.

Home Help – one thing you can offer when someone passes on is to help those left behind with anything that may need doing around the home. This is particularly welcome if an elderly partner has been left alone, as they will certainly welcome any help they can get. Consider it carefully, and you will find you are making a very kind gesture.

Photographs – if you have personal photographs that the family perhaps does not, why not dedicate these to the deceased, perhaps having them framed as a gift? It makes a very personal and touching tribute, and is certainly welcome.

The above are just a few ideas that we have found regarding alternative memorial and sympathy gifts, and there are many more you can probably think of. Have another look now, and we hope we have inspired you to do something different and memorable for your late friend or loved one.

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