Three Easy (and Yummy) Recipes for Kids to Make with Mum and Dad

Mini pizzas

During the summer holidays it is hard enough to think of activities to keep your kids entertained – nevermind planning 6 weeks of dinners and lunches too! Boredom can easily strike, especially if the weather’s not great, and serving un-entertained little ones the same meal for the fifth time is unlikely to change the situation.

Luckily, we’ve killed two birds with one stone by listing some easy recipes for kids to make at home with mum and dad. It will keep them occupied and ensure they get something tasty to eat. Simple.

Mini pizzas

This is great recipe for kids as a fun birthday party idea or for a playdate. Eat them with a bit of a salad as a delicious evening meal or pack them in foil as a snack.

  1. Use a classic pizza dough recipe for your base but divide it into small portions instead of one large one. You can also buy pre-made, uncooked, dough for convenience.
  2. Add a layer of tomato puree to the base, or try a barbeque sauce for something different.
  3. Get your kids to add toppings and experiment – ham, pineapple, pepperoni, cheese, peppers, onions, mushrooms, roasted veg and chicken are all good toppings to offer up.
  4. Sprinkle with grated cheese and bake until cooked and golden.

Bubble and Squeak

An oldie but a goodie – bubble and squeak is a traditional British recipe for using up Sunday roast leftovers. Not only is it easy to make, but it also teaches your kids about food waste.

  1. Supervise your children while they cut all of the ingredients (usually cabbage, vegetables and potatoes) into small slices. This should only be done by older children and you should never leave them alone with sharp knives or other dangerous items.
  2. Put these ingredients into a saucepan with a little butter and lightly sauté. You can add some garlic and other seasoning here if you would like.
  3. Add fresh eggs and mix to create a scrambled egg texture.
  4. Serve on toast or with yummy soldiers for a lovely lunchtime treat.

Rice puff cereal cakes

Who doesn’t love cereal cakes? Easy to make – and a little messy – they combine many of the things kids love into one activity. Make them as a treat for good behaviour.

  1. Melt a little butter in a warm pan and add chocolate.
  2. Add your chosen cereal – rice puffs or flakes work best – and stir until mixed. You can also add a small amount of golden syrup to help everything bind together better.
  3. Pour the mixture into a lined tin and cool in the fridge until fully set. You can either set this treat as one big dessert as little individual slices. Kids can get more involved by adding some toppings – mini marshmallows, chocolate drops, fruit, raisins, and nuts are all good options.

Remember: too much sugar isn’t a great idea for children but the occasional treat won’t hurt. There are plenty of yummy dessert recipes for kids that are low in sugar which you can try on other occasions to help your child eat a balanced diet.

Those are just a few fun recipe ideas for cooking with children this summer. Lots of recipes can be adapted to make them easier for little ones and if you’re stuck for other activity ideas, have a look online.

Instilling a love of cooking at this age can mean your kids will enjoying trying out new recipes and baking in the future – and might even help fussy eaters experiment with new foods. Try these recipes for kids and happy eating!

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