Tips for a Family Friendly Dining Room


One thing that many parents would like to be able to do is get family together round the dining table more often.

If this is an issue in your house then getting a more family friendly dining room could be the perfect solution. The following tips will show you how to do it.

Move Out the TV

If there is one thing guaranteed to get the family up in arms it is moving out the television from the dining room. It might not even be just the kids who are upset at losing their favourite programmes while they eat. However, this is a good way of making sure that everyone focuses on eating and on making some conversation. After a while this will become normal for them and they will stop complaining about wanting to watch the television. Some families put on the radio at a reasonable volume, as this can help fill the room with sound and provoke some conversation.

Add More Light

A light coloured dining room is more appealing and welcoming than a dark one. The first step to doing this is to paint the walls if they are currently rather dark and oppressive. After this you could think about improving the lighting by choosing a more appropriate light fitting such as a simple chandelier. Letting in more natural light to the room is also a great way of making it look better as well as of warming it up on cold days. If it still seems a bit cold and dark then adding a strategically placed mirror can help.

Make It More Interesting

Having a more interesting dining room is going to make your family want to spend more time in it. One of the easiest ways of spicing up a dull or plain looking dining room is by adding some photos or paintings to the walls. This can instantly providing a talking point and something that makes everyone happier to spend some time in there.

Get Better Furniture

If your family isn´t in the habit of spending time in the dining room then it may be that the furniture is now outdated or isn´t in great shape. Getting some new furniture that looks good and is comfortable to use can be a fine way of making the dining room more attractive. This doesn´t have to cost a fortune and you can also get the whole family to help choose the new furniture.

 Make It Just a Dining Room

A problem in many homes is that when the dining room doesn´t get used much it ends up being the place where old stuff is dumped, clothes are hung up to dry or some other non-dining activity is carried out. One of the first steps to turning it back into a real dining room again is to clear out anything isn´t relevant in here. After doing this you can then focus on making it looks like the kind of dining room you and your family would like to spend time in.

Breathe New Life into Your Old Furniture

If your home has old pieces of furniture you are thinking of replacing then hang on a second before you throw them out.

Before disposing of tired old pieces of furniture you should think about the following tips for breathing some life into them using the following tips.

Paint Them

If you have some furniture that is looking past its best or that you are bored with then painting it is the most obvious way of freshening it up. Some types of furniture are easier to paint than others. For example, wooden pieces will look better once painted that those which have a top layer of melamine board. You should also be careful to use only oil based paints that are recommended for use on wood or metal. This will give you a better finish and also protect the furniture from being damaged by the water found in other types of paint. You can also use this technique to make sure that your furniture fits in well in other parts of the house or when you are overhauling the rest of the house and changing the style or colour. Of course, you can always re-paint anything that doesn´t look exactly as you want it to do.

Use Your Imagination

There are as many ways of breathing life into your old furniture as your imagination allows. You could add a layer or seashells to a tired old table, put a new frame on a mirror or add a new cover to a seat that has seen better days. This is a fun way of renovating old furniture and also of recycling any old stuff you have lying about the house. You can get your family involved in doing this as a great hobby you can all enjoy together. You will find lots of ideas on the internet for recycling old pieces of furniture but if you get into the habit of using your own imagination then you will get a lot more enjoyment out of it in the long run. You don´t even have to be especially creative or good with your hands to start doing this at home. Of course, it then feels great to look around the place and see all the things you have refurbished and made pretty again.

Add Cushions or Slipcovers

When old sofas or chairs get a bit the worse for wear there is a very simple way of doing something about it. Adding cushions and slipcovers is a way of breathing new life into these items at little cost and almost no effort. You can choose slipcovers and cushions from a wide range of styles, meaning that you could either go with the original look on it or try something completely different. You will find options available for a low cost in many stores, while you could also get an upholstery expert to fix it for you instead. Either way, it can very quickly transform your home into something more modern and better looking.

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