Is Vinyl Better for Your Home?


Our floors are like the pillars of our homes – they make and break how our homes look overall. The type of flooring you’re using dictates the atmosphere and ambiance of the space you are in. Many people look into the fact that luxury vinyl wood flooring is “THE” inexpensive and efficient way to make their homes look good and make them safer at the same time. No breaking, no cracking – but is that really the case?

We will be comparing Vinyl vs. Laminated flooring and we’ll let you decide which is the best option for your home in terms of flooring.

What is vinyl flooring and what is laminated flooring?

Vinyl Floors: At the core, vinyl means total plastic – complete resistance to moisture which can be safe especially if you have kids around. It’s made to enhance a space’s design and to prevent clicking sounds when walking.

Laminated Floors: They’re 99% wood material and they’re the alternative for hardwood flooring. This means that they won’t be water resistant in the event of overflow, flooding, etc. The good thing about laminated flooring is that it’s easy-to-install. As a matter of fact, homeowners could install it themselves.

The cost

Basically, they’re in the same range of pricing. There are low-end and high-end versions in both vinyl and laminated flooring. The price of both will depend on the design and features you want for your floors. Unlike installing natural wood and tiles, the cost of having vinyl or laminated flooring is substantially cheaper.

Thickness of the floors

Unlike their values, their thickness is quite different. Although the reason for this is their use, both of them are designed to be different from the other one. Vinyl flooring is thinner, with 1.5 mm to 5 mm, than laminate’s 6mm to 12 mm. Laminated flooring is thicker due to its wooden core and since vinyl is just plastic, it is significantly thinner.

Comfort value

Since vinyl flooring is just plastic, installing it directly on concrete would make it hard and cold because the concrete’s temperature rises through the vinyl. Laminated flooring, however, provides more warmth because of the fact that it’s thicker and that it’s made of wood.

Energy efficient

Manufacturers of vinyl flooring are continuously improving. Vinyl manufacturers are actually producing flooring that promises LEED credit of EQ4.3 for its capability of not emitting too much waste material. Laminated flooring, however, uses wood content. Manufacturers produce laminated flooring which holds an astounding LEED MR4, meaning that most of it is recycled.

Are you planning a complete makeover for your home? Are you having a hard time selecting which flooring to go with? Vinyl wood flooring and laminated wood flooring are two of the most used flooring styles now. Both of them provide comfort. They’re both less costly, and they both have style.

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