Why More And More Ex-Pats From The UK Are Moving To Australia

Perhaps you are looking to retire or just looking to move to somewhere warmer than the UK.  Whatever the reason for you wanting a change of scenery, if you haven’t already you should consider moving to Australia.  Undeniably, the first thing that jumps out about living in Australia compared to living in the UK is the temperature.  It’s a lot warmer, most of the year.  However, as you will see below, there are other reasons in addition to the hot climate as to why more and more ex-pats are moving from the UK (and other parts of the world too) to Australia.

Successful Economy

When you look at the Australian economy compared to any European country’s economy, it is not really surprising that Australia came out of the world credit crunch crisis with the least amount of financial scars.  In fact, a recent survey showed that Australia is the 13th biggest economy in the world.  This is more than likely thanks to the rich supply of natural resources available to the country along with the low rates of poverty and unemployment and the higher GDP per capita.    This means that there are more business and employment opportunities for people of all ages in Australia than many other places across the globe.

Higher Standard Of Living

The country’s stable financial situation and comfortably warm climate are just two of the reasons why it is not too difficult to understand how people living in Australia have a higher standard of life compared to other countries.  You may not have known it but Australia was recently ranked number 2 in the Human Development Index put together by the United Nations.  This index is used by the UN to rank countries based on things such as education, living standards and life expectancy.  Additionally, it is also worth noting that Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne always feature highly on lists that chart the cities in the world that are the best to live in.

True Multiculturalism

Along with its successful economy, great life expectancy and other liveability factors, another area in which Australia is a world leader is in immigration policy.  Australia is famous for its warm welcome and friendly attitude to anyone who decides to call it their adopted home and encourage multiculturalism.  A recent survey found that around 4$ of the Australian population was made up of people who were not born there.  By far the largest number of people in that percentage came from the UK, Vietnam, China and New Zealand.  As a result of this Australian residents are very accepting and welcoming about people from other parts of the world.

Australian Cities

As noted earlier in this very post, many of the most important Australian cities are some of the most liveable in the world.  Take Sydney as a good example.  As well as being a leader in the world in terms of its financial sector, the arts, sports and its commerce, it is also a very modern and dynamic city that thrives on multiculturalism.  However, the same can be said for Melbourne, which is just as prominent and enjoys a verse diverse population and if you are looking for a warm and friendly city to make your new home, you should consider looking for a house for sale in Melbourne.

Diverse Wildlife and Landscape

Whether you choose to live in one of the bigger cities or in a more outback-centred town, you will never be too far away from reminders of how rich and diverse the wildlife and landscapes Australia has to offer.  Australia is a beautiful country from it’s beaches to its mountain ranges, deserts and rainforests and because of this, it is also home to a wide array of different reptiles, insects, mammals and sea life.  You will never get tired of exploring the country from wherever you settled down.

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