Would Your Family Be Happier Living in the Countryside?


Here´s an interesting thought for you to consider; would your family be happier if you moved to the countryside?

This is the kind of thought that passes through the heads of most parents at some point. If this is something you occasionally think about then the following are some of the issues that could affect your decision.

The Healthy Life

Of course, just because you live in the countryside doesn´t mean that you are going to suddenly start living a healthy lifestyle. After all, it is just as easy these days to live on fast food and chocolate in a rural location as it is to live healthily in the city. However, we still associate the country life with a healthy attitude for a few good reasons. One of these reasons is that you could take the opportunity you grew your own fruit and vegetables more easily. You might also spend more time out of door working in the garden or walking. We also tend to think that country life is less stressful than staying in the city. While you might think this is something that only benefits the older members of the family, the kids could love a relaxed life in the country even more. The chance of living in a rural setting could be just what they need to feel happier and healthier.

The Cost of Living

We can´t think about a move to the country without considering the financial side of things as well. In this respect, there are both positives and negatives to be taken into account. One of the good things is that the cost of living is often cheaper, in terms of things like the property costs and being able to grow your own food. However, if you still work in the city then your commuting costs could increase considerably. It is also usually necessary to use the car more often. You might also find that you need to spend more on your groceries and other shopping than you currently do, due to a lack of options. Each case is different and you would do well to carry out some research on distances and prices when you are thinking about moving to any particular rural location.

The Distance from Friends and Relatives

Another important point to consider is that you might feel rather cut off from friends and family if you move out to the country. If you are used to having all these people close to you in the city then it can be a shock to suddenly feel rather cut off from the world. How will the kids feel at moving away from their friends? There is no doubt that staying in touch is easier than before now, thanks to the likes of Skype and Facebook. Having said that, this issue could be one of the points that make you think of moving away in a rather more negative light.


While there is no one answer that suits everyone, the idea of moving out to enjoy a more rural lifestyle is certainly worth considering and discussing with your family.

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